If you have a defined solar plexus, this means you have an emotional inner authority.

On the chart below, you will see the solar plexus is colored in (it’s the one circled in pink), meaning it’s defined.

Because your inner authority is emotional, you are waiting for the right time to make a decision (when you are at an emotional neutral), and you use your secondary authority as how you make the decision.

Using your secondary authority to make decisions

So, if you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, your secondary authority is automatically your sacral. You can read more about that in this blog post.

Once you are emotionally neutral (you are not feeling high or low), you use your secondary authority to help you make any big decisions.

The hierarchy of secondary authorities are as follows:





And the one for Reflectors is Moon or Lunar; Reflectors have no defined centers. There is also Mental/Environment/No inner authority; this is when someone has no centers below the throat defined. Neither of these would have an emotional authority or secondary authority, but I thought I would add that in here. 🙃

Look at your chart and see what center is defined/colored-in to determine your secondary authority. If your sacral is defined, that is your secondary authority.

Here is a reminder of the center names and placement:

If your sacral is not defined, then you look if your spleen is defined. If it is, that is your secondary authority. You go down the list until you see what center is defined after your primary authority center, and that is your secondary authority.

Learning about the secondary authority and how to use it really helped me wrap my head more around being an emotional authority and made using the inner authority more of a “doable” concept—particularly when it came to managing my day-to-day.

So again, if you are an emotional authority, you are waiting on your correct time to make the decision, and then you use your secondary authority to gain insight into your “right” decision.

Your emotional authority is the when, and your secondary authority is the how of your decision-making.

I hope this helps when looking at how you make decisions as an emotional authority. I’m still working on figuring out my waves and recognizing my highs and lows, BUT that’s a whole other layer (and hopefully blog post in the future 😉).

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