Looking for a sprinkle of magic in how you approach your life and business? Human Design may just be what you are looking for. One of the things I love about Human Design is that it gives you a lens to get curious about YOU, about how you best operate, what you are meant to be doing, and how you are meant to be doing it.

I view Human Design as a roadmap to discovering, embracing, and stepping more fully into YOU, into your desires, your purpose, your strengths, and what feels good to YOU.

Ready to rediscover more YOU?

Level 1: Unlocking Your Human Design

New to Human Design, then this for you!

In this analysis, we will dive into your:

  • Energy Type + Strategy
  • Inner Authority
  • Profile

+ prompts to help you reflect on and put your Human Design into practice.

Each section also includes tips on applying your design to your business.

This is a workbook + a personalized video with an overview of your reading. It’s not a live reading.

It takes up to 10 business days to process reports and your report will be delivered via email to the address you used when purchasing.

Level 2: Unlocking Your Human Design for Business

Ready to dig deeper into your Human Design Chart?

We work through your overall Human Design Chart to help guide you toward strategies and structures that will best support you in business. 

This reading looks at your full chart to identify areas of particular influence to how you do business. Each reading is unique, but there is typically a focus on your centers, channels, and gates. 

If you have particular frustrations with running your business, we can look at your chart to see what areas of your design may help to address those particular frustrations. 

You are also welcome to indicate any areas in your chart you want to dive deeper into as it relates to your business or strategies. 

You should have a basic understanding of your Human Design chart, and we will not be going over in detail the basics of your type or strategy. 

Of course, these will be mentioned, but that is not the focus of the level 2 readings, so you should be familiar with what and how of your inner authority and the basis of your type.

If you have never had a reading -I do suggest you start with my level 1 Unlocking Your Human Design Report to get started.

This is a 1-hour session, it is a live 1-on-1 call, you will be given the recording + plus high level notes from our session.

You will need to fill out the requested information on the order form in order for your report to be generated. Place, date, and time of birth are required to pull an accurate Human Design Report. If you don’t know your time of birth, I’m not able to do an accurate report so I do not recommend this product for you.