A list of resources for diving deeper into Human Design. Some of these sites I found more helpful than others but you can decide what resonates with you. Basically, this is my line 1 in action 🤓

Get Your Profile

You just need your date of birth, time of birth (in 24-hour format), and place of birth to pull your chart. It doesn’t really matter where you get your chart from, it should have the same basic information. On both sites listed you can get your chart for free:

Genetic Matrix or Jovian Archive

Ok now it might seem really confusing and overwhelming, deep breath! It totally worth it to dig in. I have a free course to help walk you through the basic terminology of the chart and create your own little cheat sheet.

Book A Human Design Analysis

The best way to get started in Human Design is to book a reading. A reading gives you a great overview of your chart and will give you tons of insight to get started on your Human Design journey.

All the Websites

These are in no particular order, most likely how I discovered them or when I started the list. Also most are on Instagram and share a lot of great content on IG.

The 3 listed below are who I’ve worked with personally. Plenty of other resources listed also offer reading sessions so you have lots of choices.



I do recommend most of these books being purchased in physical form, as opposed to digital because they are more reference-type books. Having it in physical form allows you to flip to the sections as you want/need to reference them and any illustrations are easier to read.

Human Design Type Guidebooks: A Complete Collection: Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector

I’m no sure I would purchase this one after getting it. It’s a lot of very basic information similar to what you pick up with a bit of research.

Human Design Activation Guide: Introduction to Your Quantum Blueprint

If you purchase Understanding Human Design (the one above) I don’t know that you need this one. Much of the same information with some journaling prompts thrown in.