A core part of living as a Generator is what I like to think of essentially as following your bliss. What is exciting to you, what feels good to be doing this day, this moment. Which sounds super amazing but also really hard to achieve.

Our strategy is “to respond” but what does that even look like in real life?

I decided I would have one day a week in which I try to embrace that philosophy. 

I chose my day to be Mondays, because I like to ease into my days, I like to take my time. So what better way to kick off a week than giving myself all the space to do anything I want.

I blocked off my calendar on Mondays, and I let my ongoing clients know that I would not be available on Mondays, and shared this intention with my husband.

I called it No Expectations Monday, because most of the time it’s less about what I actually have to than what I “feel/think” I should be doing that drains me. 

I also told myself I would not schedule anything on this day, even “fun or self care things”, this day is truly a blank slate for me to just ask myself what I feel like working on/doing or not doing. 

If I want to do things for my business I can, if I want to binge Netflix I can, if I want to clean the house I can, NO EXPECTATIONS at all (if possible) from my brain. 

I’m giving myself permission to try to live in the moment, in the flow of that day, that mood. This is why I decided to anchor that permission by naming it No Expectations Monday and using that as the title on my calendar.

If you want to try something similar I would recommend naming it something that you feel anchored by, you might feel more called to Blank Slate or Living in The Flow or seriously whatever. Just think about what makes you feel like you have permission to do what you want when you want.

Sidebar [Real Talk] – I’m extremely privileged to be able to do this as I have my own business so I’m in control of my schedule, I don’t have children, and I can pretty much do whatever I want, when I want to. 

However, I do think you can work around other roadblocks to do something similar. Maybe it’s doing something similar one day a week for the time your kids are at school or asking for Sunday every other week to have your own blank slate day. Or half of a Sunday. Or even just giving yourself an hour a day to do what you want with no expectations. 

My motivation behind No Expectations Monday

I often find I burn a lot of mental energy “shoulding” myself. Even when I do know what I want to do or work on, I will often overthink it. I will think, well, I should just put in a load of laundry or I should go for a walk now because it will be too hot later, or I should go ahead and shower now or I shouldn’t start this because I have an appointment in an hour. It’s exhausting and a really bad habit.

Even my husband sometimes “shoulds” me but only from a good place. So if for example, I say, I’m going to just relax today or take a break, if I happen to decide to clean something or work on something, he will say. Babe, you said you were just going to relax, put your laptop down, here I’ll vacuum or whatever. 

So my No Expectations Monday is the opposite of taking a break or having a free day. It is a free day but it’s truly a day that I try experimenting in living in my design and letting the day unfold with what I feel like doing. 

It might be a day of working really hard or a day of rest, it’s really a day meant to be with no expectations and an attempt at trying not to “should” myself (and notifying others, mainly the husband and clients that I’m essentially out of pocket that day). 

In terms of my Human Design, I feel like a ton of my chart essentially says, you are meant to follow your desires, you are meant to do what you feel like. I also have the right-facing, determination arrow which indicates you are not meant to follow a strict routine.

I’ve always liked structure and planning, but I’ve also always said not too much. This is something I’ve already recognized about myself.

Additionally, a number of my gates push me to find the balance of structure/commitment and going with the flow. This No Expectations Monday is my first baby-step in trying to let go of the “shoulds” and find what following my flow means and feels to me. 

Ultimately I’m hoping that I will build confidence to do this more in my life. 

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