Since starting my experiment with Human Design and really paying attention to how my body responds, I’ve noticed I have a defined area of sacral response. 

For me, my sacral response shows up in my chest. When a path feels good, I feel a release of pressure in my chest. If I’m unsure or the answer is no I don’t get that pressure release, or if it’s a hard “no” it feels more tight than before.

While my authority is an emotional authority, which in Human Design outweighs the sacral, I still think as a Generator or Manifesting Generator (MG) it’s important to recognize your sacral response. Being an emotional generator adds another layer of waiting for clarity (ie waiting out your emotional wave) BUT I still think that sacral authority and how it shows up gives you a concrete way to help take your decision making out of your head.

For me, this looks like: Do I do want to do this? How does my chest feel, is there a defined release of pressure? How are my emotions, am I feeling high or low? 

If there is that immediate release and I feel pretty neutral in my emotional wave, then I can move forward. 

If I feel a release but I know I’m on a high, I will think, this is most likely a “yes” but keep revisiting the decision until I feel I’m not in that excitable high. On the flip side, did I NOT feel the sacral “yes” immediately because I was in a bad headspace, in a low but the more I think about it the more it feels “right” and revisiting i get the “yes” in my sacral response.

The larger the decision I’m going to give myself at least a day to “make sure” (ie allow my emotional wave to play out). Of course, some emotional waves can last much longer so this is not a set rule and sometimes a day doesn’t feel like enough.

I think of the emotional authority, less as the authority and more of mudding your clear sacral response. I know most Human Design experts do not describe it in that way, but a big part of Human Design is open up to your bodies’ response and not solely depend on your logical mind response. 

And while emotions can most certainly show up as physical responses, I think learning your sacral response is the first step to moving out of your head space into a more intuitive decision making mode. 

For me asking me to ride my emotional wave, feels very in my head. However, when I say to myself, feel for sacral response (check) and identify emotional state (ok check), gives me a clearer path to get out of my head in the moment of decision making. 

Another “trick” I’ve noticed with my emotional wave and decision making is to revisit the decision first thing in the morning. Most mornings I feel pretty neutral (though I certainly have those mornings that I wake up in a low). I find if it’s something I’m feeling particularly back and forth on, that initial wake-up time is good for checking-in and gaining a more neutral emotional clarity. 

If you are an Emotional Generator (or MG), you are a sacral being, you just have one extra layer. Still, practice identifying your sacral response, and take advantage of advice for finding your sacral response, but just remember you need to check-in with your emotional wave too. 

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