In Human Design the Generator’s strategy is “to respond”, so let’s talk about what that means. 

I think the closest definition of respond in this case is “to exhibit some action or effect as if in answer”. 

I often see people confusing “to respond” with “waiting for the invitation” (which is the projector strategy). 

I personally view “to respond” as meaning to be inspired, looking for signs from the universe and acting according to your inner authority. 

As Generators our core purpose is to do what we love, and we are looking to the universe to inspire us to find that passion. 

In researching Human Design, other examples used for “to respond” are:

Waiting on a river bank, watching giant lily pads float by. We look for the lily pad that attracts us and we feel drawn to, and then we ask our inner authority if we should jump on that lily pad. (this is from a training of Vanessa Henry’s). 

Another one (which I can’t remember from who), says you put yourself on a dating site, then you don’t search but wait to see who messages or comes into your view, when you feel an attraction, you then ask your inner authority “do I want to move forward”? 

I like to think about it like this:

To Respond, can mean you have an idea and then you look for signs from the universe about how to move forward with that idea or the universe backs up your idea. 

You think, I would love a vacation in Hawaii, then you see an ad about Hawaii vacations, then a friend posts on Facebook about an amazing resort they stayed at in Hawaii. This would back-up your idea about booking a trip to Hawaii, and you revisit your sacral response to this “idea”. 

Or maybe you think about a vacation to Hawaii, but then you see all these amazing posts about Mexico, so you revisit the idea of vacation but maybe book a Mexican vacation instead as that seemed to be the “response” from the universe.

Basically, I see as “to respond” is what catches your attention, what you are attracted to. Even with your schedule or your business strategy, think about what attracts me, what lights me up. 

Of course, once that thing catches your eye, you then move onto your inner-authority either sacral response (the yes/no) or if you are an emotional authority (wait out the wave). 

Watch the video for more about the “to respond” generator (or MG) strategy 👇

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