As an emotional Generator, my inner authority is the solar plexus. This means I’m to wait until I’m at an emotionally neutral place to make big decisions. 

But what about living in your day-to-day life? We aren’t going to wait until we are emotionally neutral to do everyday things!

This is where your secondary authority comes in as an emotional inner authority. You can rely on your secondary authority to help you navigate your day-to-day decisions on what feels good to you. Read this post to learn more about your secondary authority.

Especially as a Generator or Manifesting Generator we are supposed to be doing what we feel like doing, so it’s important we give ourselves space for what our guts are leading us to do day-to-day. 

When it comes to letting your gut lead (aka your sacral authority) think things like:

  • what to eat
  • what to wear
  • what you focus on from your task list today (this one has made a huge difference in my productivity)
  • your daily routines (or lack thereof) | do you feel like reading or mediating | what’s most supportive to you this morning | basically asking yourself what do you need
  • exercise
  • rest/taking breaks

So it can seem like decision overload if you say “what do I want to do today”, but that’s where lists and structures help you as a Generator or MG. Having a list or container of choices to choose from gives you something to RESPOND TO. 

When looking for something to wear you have the limitations of your closet, maybe weather, and what’s clean. 

For your tasks, having a list of things that need to be worked on for your business (or personal) will give you a starting point. 

Lists give you things to respond to, and I’ve found this to be a particularly powerful tool when trying to live my design. I have task lists for my business (most people do), but also lists for if I’m feeling low energy, lists for self-care, even lists of things for fun.

Here are a few examples:

  • When things aren’t flowing list (for my workdays when I’m feeling unfocused)
  • Going out to dinner or ordering take out lists (new places to try)
  • Meal planning lists
  • I structure my day-to-day tasks as to-do’s to accomplish this week | unless, of course, they HAVE to be done on a certain day

Your sacral authority while not your “primary” authority is still a very powerful tool to utilize to help you live your most energized and satisfying day-to-day as a Generator or MG.

My most impactful experiment to-date as a Generator is No Expectations Mondays, you can read more about that here Living My Human Design: No Expectations Monday. This is my day to try and let my day flow by what I feel called to do, and so far it’s been such a great way to start off my weeks. 

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