While having your own business can be an excellent fit for ANY of the Human Design Energy types, I wanted to share some reasons it’s great from a Generator and MG perspective today. 

As Generators and Manifesting Generators, our aura is magnetic, and we make great employees, but we, of course, make amazing business owners too! 

But it can be really easy to get pulled into other people’s visions and projects, so that is one big thing to be aware of when starting your own business. Make sure you are clear on what you want to offer and the direction you want your business to grow in.

Most important on your business journey as a Generator or MG is ensuring you are doing things that light you up. Make sure you check in with yourself to make sure what you are doing only those things and working with people that energize you, not drain you.

Here are a few advantages of having your own business as a Generator or MG:

✨ Allows you to go as deep as you want in exploring an area of interest

✨ Sharing your mastery with the world

✨ You aren’t contained to a box that doesn’t fit you

✨ Setting boundaries that work for you and having more authority and freedom to do so

✨ Honors your energy

And here are a few more that are more specific to Manifesting Generators:

✨Allows you to pursue all the things as you want

✨ You don’t have to do it the prescribed way; you can skip the steps and not get in “trouble”

✨You can simplify systems and strategies that match your speed of work

Remember, Human Design is not to put you in a box or be used to say you “can’t” do anything in your life. It’s about embracing the things that resonate with you and help you feel more YOU in your life and business. 

If you are a Generator or MG business owner, did any of the above resonate with you? And what else would you add to the list?

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